Eventually We Find Our Way.

Pairing: Narry, side Lilo and a bit of Ed/Harry

A/N: I promised I would post this a few days ago but Thursday was my birthday and I felt bad about not posting it so I’ve been slaving over this all day. And 95 notes on the first part guys, what the hell.

Part One


It’d been two weeks since Harry had done the interview and he honestly forgot about it.


All Louis wants to do is talk about The Song.

“Think about all the opportunities it presents!” He says, while they’re laying outside where they’re supposed to be reading Leaves of Grass, but the book is, well, laying in the grass.

“You sound like a guidance counselor or something.” Harry whips out his phone.

“What I’m trying to say,” Louis takes Harry’s phone out of his hands so he’ll listen. “is that if you look into getting representation or something, this could be a huge opportunity. We could get invited to movie premieres and stuff if you try.”

Harry doesn’t say anything.

“Come on, put yourself out there! Think of all the free stuff you can get!”

Harry doesn’t say anything again.

“Stop being a pessimist.” Louis says, throwing grass at him.

“I’m being a realist.” Harry replies, throwing grass back at him.

Louis opens his mouth to retort but suddenly a shadow comes over them and Harry looks up to see Niall.

“Er, hi,” Harry sits up and can practically hear all the whispers about Niall standing next to him.

“Hi?” Niall pulls a face like he doesn’t even know how he got there. “Um, I burned you that CD. That we were talking about. Remember? The Clash and stuff. I, um, put some other things on there as well.”

“Oh, thanks, that’s really cool.” Harry reaches up and takes the CD out of Niall’s hand. He’s covered the CD cover with a collage of black and white photos. “Did you make this?”

“Yeah,” He stops to clear his throat. “Yeah I did.”

“It’s awesome! Sometimes I do collages too.”

Louis takes this moment to butt in. “He does! Half his walls are covered. You should see it sometime.” He punctuates this statement with a wink to add to Harry’s mortification. Niall’s eyes widen and his face turns as red as his sweatshirt.

“I have to go.” He holds up the plant that symbolizes the History teachers hall pass. “I hope you like the CD.”

“I will.” Harry was still examining the collage. He looks up just in time to catch Niall smiling at him before walking back to class.

Louis is smirking at him, eyeing the CD.

“What?” Harry asks, defensive. “It’s just a mix.”

“Just a mix that he made, spent hours grueling over a cover-”

“I doubt he spent hours.” Harry interrupts.

“-and walked all the way over here to give it to you with a potted plant.” Louis pokes Harry in the ribs. “Someone has a crush.”

“Shut up, no I don’t.” Harry grips the CD tighter, hates how he can feel his cheeks flaming. “It’s just a mix.”

“Really, because you’re blushing.”

“I’m blushing because everyone’s looking at me!”

“Harry? Everyone’s been looking at you for the last two weeks.”

Harry hates when Louis’ right.


When Harry gets home later, both his mum and step-dad’s cars are in the driveway and that only happens on weekends, so his first thought is someone’s dead. He sprints inside and when he reaches the kitchen, he’s having a mild panic attack.

“Whose dead?!”

“Someone’s dead?” Gemma asks, looking up from a magazine. One of fourteen spread across the kitchen table.


“No one’s dead,” his mother starts. “but did you give an interview?”


“There’s only one answer, Harry and it’s not ‘maybe.’”

Harry sets his bag down very carefully on the floor. “I mean, yeah I did but it was only a couple of questions.”

Anne raises an eyebrow and clears her throat. “‘Harry’s found a bright side to all this attention. He says with a laugh that the best thing is ‘all the sex!’” She puts the paper down. “I can’t believe I just read that out loud. I can’t believe you said that.”

“It was a joke,” He sputters out. “I was joking, and the interviewer was laughing and…and-”

Harry grabs the magazine and starts reading.

In ‘Harry, Wait!’, this up and coming band crafts a three minute plus song of pop perfection that is so sweet you can feel your teeth rotting. It’s a song for teenagers written by teenagers about the one that got away, that one person who has done you wrong, put you done and kicked you out. And what does the boy behind the song think about it? “It’s all good,” says the 17 year old. “I love being singled out in public!”

“It was a joke,” He tries again. “She called me before work a few weeks ago and she was nice and I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal and-”

The phone starts ringing and it cuts off the rest of the sentence.

“Let the machine get it, it’s the tenth call since I got home.” His stepfather says. It’s a reporter, asking for an interview.

“Harry, what’s going on?”

“Um, well,” He sits down. “It’s like in the article. Me and Zayn broke up. And he wrote a song about me. And people like it. Like, really like it.”

“Wait, you’re Harry? That’s you?” Anne asks.

“You’ve heard the song?!”

“How does it go?” Robin asks, “Hum a few bars, maybe I know it.”

“Oh, you know it,” she hums a few bars and then starts singing the chorus.

“That song?! It’s about you?!”

Harry thanks whoever is up there that Zayn never mentions sex in the song. He couldn’t imagine his parents blindly singing along to a song about him having sex.

The phone rings again and they wait to hear who it is.

“HARRY!” Louis. Who else would yell while leaving a voicemail. “WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER YOUR PHONE, THIS IS IMPORTANT I JUST READ THE ARTICLE CALL ME.” He takes a deep breath. “Oh and if anyone else gets this first, I’m just looking for Harry, it’s important.” and then abruptly hangs up.

Harry reaches for the phone but Anne stops him. “This is kind of a big deal, Harry.”

He doesn’t even know what to say and has the sudden urge to cry. His family was upset, Louis was going to kill this interviewer and now everyone was going to think he was some slut who slept with anybody. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” His mother strokes his hair. “Is there anything else we should know?”

Harry has another moment of panic. Should his mother know that he met Zayn at a party while he was drunk? Or that they had sex? Or that one time him and Louis stole a bottle of vodka and got drunk in the park?


“That’s it.” He says innocently.

“Ok,” Anne picks up the magazine again and Harry takes this as his cue to leave.

He sprints upstairs and whips out his phone as soon as he gets to his room. Louis picks up after the first ring.

“I was about to call some skywriters on your ass.”

“Call them off, I’m alive.”


“You’re not the one being harassed on every radio station in the country.” Harry says, while cutting up a magazine with Ed Sheeran on the cover to put on his wall.

“If it was me,” Louis says, “I’d make sure I was having some fun with it.”

Harry sticks the cutout of Ed that Louis just glued and flattens it.

“I’m seeing you tomorrow.” He says to his wall.

“So you better look damn good.” Louis says while slapping Harry’s butt.


Liam drives them to the venue while Harry and Louis blast Ed’s CD. Even when they stuck in traffic for two hours, it’s ok because Harry is so excited.

When they get inside, a group of girls stare at Harry and then group together and laugh loudly, their gazes flickering back to him every few seconds and then to each other. He feels suddenly self conscious and grabs Louis’ arm to stop him.

“Let’s…let’s stay back here, yeah?” Harry asks, still looking at the girls.

“Since when has Harry Styles wanted to stand in the back during a concert?” Louis raises a brow at him. He follows Harry’s gaze and sighs loudly. “Fuck them, come on.”

Louis tries to drag Harry to the front again, but he realizes people will recognize him and take pictures and yell ‘Harry, wait!’ at him and he turned around about to make a run for it but his face slams right into a huge bouncers chest.

The bouncer straightens him out. “Are you Harry?”

“Uh,” Harry turns to Louis for help but he just shrugs.

“Are you Harry?” He asks again.


The bouncers motions to the stairs that lead to the VIP loft. “Management just radioed down and told me to have you wait. They want you upstairs.”

“Uh, why?” Harry is honestly confused.

“I don’t know, they just said to have you wait.”

“Are we being kicked out?” Even though Harry wanted to leave not even 30 seconds ago, he would be really disappointed if he missed seeing Ed.

“Harry, they want us upstairs,” Louis grips Harry’s arm tighter. “As in the VIP area.”

“Oh.” Harry whispers out of the side of his mouth so the bouncer won’t hear. “Why do they want me up there?”

“Because you’re ‘Harry, Wait!’”

Harry can’t say anything else because the bouncer is slapping all-access stickers on them and lifting up the velvet rope.

“Have a good time.” He says.

Harry thinks hell yeah because he didn’t get his privacy sacrificed to sit at home in his pajamas and watch Love, Actually every day and wonder why he hadn’t told the reporter to fuck off.


The VIP area is actually insanely different from movies and TV. It’s calm, no one was trying to climb over them and Harry could talk to Louis without having to basically stand on top of him and scream in his ear. The view of the stage was amazing and it didn’t hurt that there were free drinks in the corner.

Harry couldn’t help but notice.

“Do you get the feeling everyone’s watching us?” He asks Louis as they lean against the railing.

“They’re not watching us, they’re watching you.”

Harry gives him an incredulous look.

“What, do you think they let us up here because Liam slipped the bouncer money?”

Harry just turns around and points out drunk guys making asses out of themselves in the pit below. He notices a tiny blonde wearing a red sweatshirt weaving his way through the crowd. Niall.

“Hey,” Harry slaps Louis’ shoulder and points to him in the crowd below. “it’s-”

The guy turns around and it’s not Niall at all. This guy has a bigger nose. Niall’s nose was tiny and cute.

“Who?” Louis’ following his gaze before he can pull his hand back and spots the Niall look alike. “Oh.” He turns to face Harry all the way, smirking. “Oh.”

“Shut up.” Harry looks anywhere but at Louis.

“I haven’t even said anything.”

“Good, don’t.”

“How can I not say something if I haven’t said anything yet?”

“You’ve got a whole monologue to say or something so just don’t.”

“I don’t!” Louis takes a sip of his water. “But if I was going to say something, I would say maybe you should just ask Niall out? Stop torturing the rest of us dying for you two to go out? And he obviously likes you in that way-” He waggles his eyebrows suggestively. “-so you don’t have to worry about rejection or anything. But I’m not saying anything so it doesn’t matter.”

Harry lets out an annoyed huff. Louis always managed to say what Harry didn’t want to admit to himself. He hadn’t told Louis about how a lot of girls were coming into Scooper Dooper now for Harry, and how flustered Niall gets and how today he spilled vanilla soft serve all over the floor and they were both under the counter cleaning it up and Harry had gotten ice cream on his face and Niall had wiped it off with his fingertips and let his hand linger there and how if three kids didn’t barge in Niall would’ve probably kissed him. And Harry kind of wanted him to and he doesn’t know how to feel about that.

“Harold stop spacing out.” Louis snaps.

Harry spots Liam in the corner, talking to some guy in. He waves to them and Harry waves back and Louis blows him an over exaggerated kiss.

“Do you think you and Liam will get married?” Harry asks suddenly.

Louis turns around to look at Liam and gets this dopey smile on his face, the one he only gets around Liam. He leans his head on Harry’s shoulder and says seriously. “Yes.”

That makes Harry want to cry.

But then the lights drop and he forgets about being sad.


Ed did amazing and Harry can tell he’ll be remembering this concert for the rest of his life. It was that good.

“Can we do this again?” He asks.

“Fuck that, we’re doing this every time. Do me a favor and dance your way over to the bar and get me some water.” Louis pushes Harry in that direction.

The bartenders are all business, so Harry knows he won’t be able to finagle a few drinks out of him no matter how “famous” he is. He turns around with a Coke and water and immediately spots Ed making his way into the VIP area. His cheeks flame as he turns in the opposite direction to Louis. He shoves the water into his hands and whispers “Ed’s here.”

“Where?” Louis turns around.

“Don’t make it so obvious! Ok, look at Liam-a little to the left yeah. Do you see him?”

“Oh” is all Louis says. He takes another quick glance. “He’s coming over here.”


“Yeah he is, don’t screw up.”

“Does throwing up count as screwing up.”


Harry looks past Louis and makes immediate eye contact with Ed.

“He was just looking at me.”

“Then when aren’t you looking back?”

Harry doesn’t reply because Ed is suddenly leaning against the railing next to him and he thinks he might explode. Louis’ giving him a look that says Say something to him! but he can’t think of anything. Harry turns away and tries to play it cool but Ed grabs his arm.

“Hey,” He smiles. “I’m Ed. And you’re Harry.”

“How’d you…?” Harry stutters.

“Haven’t you heard? ‘Harry, Wait!’ is a big deal.”


A little while later, after Harry introduces Louis and Liam and the next band plays their set, Ed leans in close and whispers in Harry’s ear “You should come to the after party with me.”

Harry just blushes and whispers out an “ok.”


The after party is in a room so tightly packed that the people smoking have to hold their joints about their heads. Ed grabs onto Harry’s hand.

“Let’s go, these assholes are no fun.”

They move to another part of the room and Harry doesn’t have any idea what to say to him now.

“There needs to music.” He blurts out.

“Are you offering to DJ?” Ed raises his brow at him.


“If you’re DJing, we can’t talk. Or do anything else.” He leans in closer to Harry. “Don’t you know the DJs are always lonely?”

“Just three songs.” He says, whispering the next part into Ed’s ear. “Just enough to get things started.”

Ed hands him his iPod and Harry searches through the songs, trying as fast as he can to make a playlist. More and more people are streaming and Harry thanks the music gods that he’s able to make an amazing party playlist. He shoves it into the speakers and as the first song comes on, the room goes mental. Ed looks impressed. “Fucking fantastic!” He yells.

And then Ed leans down and kisses him.


For the next hour, they follow a strict schedule of making out.

Harry doesn’t even care about privacy because it’s been 6 months since he broke up Zayn and he hasn’t kissed anyone and the closest he got was with Niall under the counter. Wait. Why was he thinking about Zayn and Niall and the Scooper Dooper while Ed Sheeran had his tongue in his mouth?

They break apart to breathe and Ed grabs onto one of Harry’s curls and gives it a tug. “You have sexy hair.”

“Yours isn’t so bad either.”

Harry spots Louis across the room. He decides maybe he should check in with his best friend.

“I’ll be right back.”

“How do I know you’ll come back, though?”

Harry wants to scream Have you looked in the mirror? but decides against it.

“Two minutes, I promise.”

Harry grabs Louis’ arm and pulls him into the quiet hallway where Louis makes him recount everything that happened even though he was there.

“Do you think he’s going to take you back to the tour bus?”

Harry hadn’t thought of it. “I don’t know.”

“How big do you think those bunks are? Big enough for two?”

Harry stops checking himself out in the mirror. “Promise you and Liam won’t leave without me?”

“Someone’s just giving Liam weed smuggled in from Amsterdam and he didn’t turn it away, we’re not going anywhere without you.”


Ed tells him the party is being moved back to his hotel. Harry checks the time. It’s a 45 minute drive home, so he only has 30 minutes with Ed if he doesn’t want to miss his curfew. Which he doesn’t.

“I have to leave in a half hour.”

“That’s no fun,” Ed leans down and bites hard on Harry’s neck. “Follow me.”

Harry allows himself to be dragged out of the venue and into a secluded courtyard outside where Ed pushes him up against the brick wall and attacks his mouth again. They kissed for a while until Harry felt like he was going to pass out and pulled away.

“Hold on a second, I need to breathe.”

The sound of the city and crickets chirping fills the air, along with Harry’s deep breathing.

“Come on,” Ed says, kissing him again. “inspire me.”

Harry pulls away. “What did you say?”

“I said ‘inspire me.’” Ed starts kissing him, but he pulls away again. “Now what?”

“It’s just,” Harry’s getting a bad feeling about this whole situation. “do I inspire you?”

“Of course,” He laughs. “isn’t that what you do?”

“Um, no,” Harry steps out of Ed’s arms.

“Come on, ‘Harry, Wait!’ is like ‘Sexy Sadie’ for The Beatles. You came along to turn on everyone.”

And then everything clicks.

“It was just a song, Ed, and I didn’t write it.”

“So help me write one.” Ed grabs Harry’s hand. “We can get famous together. Help each other out.”

“So you only like me for the song?”

“I mean, you’re pretty hot too, so it’s a win-win.”

Harry starts laughing, not because anything is funny but because he literally cannot believe this is happening.

“Is that a yes or a no then?” Ed asks, annoyed.

“It’s the biggest fucking no you’ve ever heard in your entire life.”

Harry walks away and wonders why he doesn’t hear the crickets anymore.


The “crickets” weren’t actually crickets, but Ed’s tour manager, crouching in the bushes recording the whole entire thing.

And by the next morning, everyone’s seen it.


Louis comes over at 8:30 the next morning (the only person in the world who would dare waking Harry up that early) with coffee and a sledgehammer.

“What’s that for?” Harry asks, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s to smash up your Ed CDs!”

Before they get to that, Harry looks on Ed’s website to torture himself and he reads through two pages of hateful comments before he feels like crying and/or throwing up. Louis throws the CDs onto the floor and hands Harry the sledgehammer.

“You ready to wreck a little Saturday morning havoc?”


Monday morning is worse than all the other mornings Harry thought were bad.


Harry’s walking to go meet Liam and Louis while passing a group of girls who all whip out their phones and take pictures as he walks by. The flash blinds him and he stops.

“Could you guys not do that.” He snaps, rubbing his eyes but the girls keep taking pictures. Louis is storming his way over but Harry’s already confronting the girls. “What the fuck are you guys doing?”

“Did you take his picture without even asking?”

“Do you go to this school?”

The girls look dumbstruck.

“Um,” one of them starts. “Hi!”

“Hi, what the hell.”

“You’re Harry right?” The girl who said hi asks.

“No it’s just a coincidence.”

“It’s really him!” All of them squeal. “We’re really big fans of yours!”

“Fans of mine?” Harry’s stuck on that statement while the girls start firing questions at him.

“Are you and Zayn really broken up?”

“Are you dating Ed?”

“Will you take a picture with us?”

“Check out our website dedicated to you!”

One of them shoves a camera into Louis’ hands to get a picture. Luckily the dean is running over with the school security and Harry’s saved.

“What’s going on?” He demands.

Harry puts it as simple as possible. “These girls snuck onto the campus to get pictures of me for their website.”

The dean asks the girls to follow him to his office and they all have tears in their eyes.

“We’re sorry Harry! We were just excited!”

He immediately feels bad because he’s a fan too. He’d done things without thinking about the consequences. He spends the rest of the day with an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach.

To make matters worse, Niall had been absent for three days now. But that was just an observation on Harry’s part. He’s a very observant person.


Harry’s walking to his locker with Louis when he gets stopped by two underclassmen.

“Could you sign this?” One asks timidly, holding up the magazine.

Harry takes it out of the girls hand and 4 pictures of him making out with Ed stare back at him from the cover. “Lou?”

“What?” Louis looks at the magazine from over Harry’s shoulder.

“Get me a gun. Or a knife. Or any object that I could possibly kill myself with.”

“Do you mind if we take this?” Louis asks, pointing to the magazine. He starts walking away without getting an answer.

“My mother is going to see this when she goes grocery shopping and she’s going to be stuck in the slowest lane and she’ll look at the magazine racks and see me making out with a musician.” Harry says while racing to catch up with Louis. The bell rings and Harry grabs the magazine and shoves it into his backpack.

“The less people who see this, the better.”

“That’s a national magazine, Harry.”

Harry just sighs loudly because he has literally no idea what else to do.


Someone does know what to do, though because Harry gets called to the office in the middle of Bio. He makes his way to the office where the secretary tells him he needs to wait because the dean is in a meeting. He sits down in an uncomfortable chair and spaces out until he notices familiar blonde hair out of the corner of his eye.

Niall was back.

He was explaining something with a note in his hand and turns to Harry just as he realizes he’s staring. “You’re in trouble?” He asks. Harry shrugs and tries to look innocent.

Niall makes his way over after he’s done. It’s weird talking to him without ice cream or customers to hide behind.

“Hi,” He says after a while. “What happened?”

“I went to a concert and made out with Ed Sheeran and his manager hid in the bushes and recorded it and sold it to the tabloids and now everyone knows and now the dean wants to see me.”

It’s not like Niall wasn’t going to find out anyway. His eyes widen adorably when Harry says ‘made out,’ though. “That, uh, sucks.”

“I know.” Harry slumps back in his seat. “Where have you been?”


“I just noticed you’ve been absent for a few days, I mean, it’s not like I was looking for you it was-I just noticed and was worried.”

Harry wants to punch himself in the face.

“I was sick. Food poisoning.”


“Yeah.” Niall shifts his bag. “Are you still working later?”


“Ok. See you there then.”

Harry hums in response but Niall doesn’t leave right away.

“Ed Sheeran is overrated.” He finally says and then walks away. Harry tries to say something but there are too many words bubbling around in his head.


The dean opens the door and his mother is sitting in his office, which is a 10 out of 10 on the ‘oh shit’ scale.

“Come in,” He says with a smile, but it’s fake.

The first part of the meeting is spent explaining to Anne what’s been happening at school because of Harry, most of which he didn’t know about. (Besides the girls sneaking in.) Promoters were sending concert tickets, ‘fans’ sending flowers and fanmail to the school, people constantly stopping him in the hallway to talk, making him late for class constantly, people drawing crude pictures of him doing sexual favors in the bathroom and more.

“We need to do something about this.” He concludes.

“Well obviously he still needs to go to school, and I can’t homeschool him.” Anne says, but Harry can hear the protectiveness in her voice and that makes him feel a little better.

“I was thinking,” the dean starts. “that Harry will sit in the office every day and do his work, so he’ll still be at school but distractions will kept to a minimum.”

Harry protests but both his mother and the dean agree, so the next day he’ll report to the office where he’ll do all his work and if he finishes early, he can read. Joy.


“So what happened?” Niall asks, while Harry shoves napkins into the dispenser.

“What, with the dean?”

“Yeah, are you-” He drops a scoop of Root Beer on the floor and Harry passes him some napkins. “Are you suspended?”

“No. But I have to do all my work in the office because I’m a ‘distraction.’” Harry does air quotes around ‘distraction.’

“That’s retarded.” Niall says, as he bends down to clean up the ice cream.

“Finally someone agrees!”

There’s a moment of silence.

“I, uh, saw that video.” Niall starts. “Of you and that guy?”

Harry feels guilt well up in his stomach. He wasn’t cheating, him and Niall aren’t even dating.

“Do you like him?” He continues.



“I thought I did but-” He looks up and catches Niall’s gaze and it’s so intense and pulls him in so tight that he can’t break away. He coughs to cover up. “I don’t like him. It was an accident.”

“Good.” Niall never breaks eye contact. “Because I really hate him.”

“I do too.”

“No, I mean I hate him for kissing you.”

The automatic bell rings signaling that there was a new customer. Niall jumps up and basically yells across the store.

“Hi, welcome to Scooper Dooper, would you like a free sample?”

“Yes,” Cher Lloyd’s voice carries over. “I’d love to try any of your samples.” She says to Niall, and his face flames up. She looks at Harry and makes a surprised face, as if it was a secret he worked here. “Hi Harry!”

“Hi Cher.”

“Did-did you want that sample?” Niall’s gone back to not being able to form a sentence.

“What do you suggest Harry?” She looks him dead in the eye. “You’re an expert on all sorts of things, give ice cream suggestions a try.”

He doesn’t bother replying.

“How’s the strawberry?”

“It’s alright.”

“Just alright?”

“It’s great.”

“What about the chocolate?”


“Just great?”

“Great plus one.”

And so on, until she had asked about every flavor and tried nine of them. She’d lick the spoon in a sexy way and look through her lashes at Niall while moaning “This is amazing.” Finally she settled on a fat free vanilla, first in a cone then a cup and then with nuts. Harry accidentally puts almonds instead of walnuts and she pulls a face at him.

“I said walnuts.”

“It’s yours now.” He shoves it into her hands.

“Niall do you hear how mean Harry is being to me? How do you even work with him!”

“Thanks for coming,” Niall says to her. “Watch yourself on the way out, wouldn’t want the door to hit you on the ass.”


Was Niall defending him?

Cher glares at Harry before turning to Niall. “I don’t blame you for settling, Niall. You look like the kind of guy who goes secondhand with everything.”

Harry throws his hat down as Cher leaves. “I’m taking my break.” He says to no one and walks into the freezer, which is the only place he can sit and have a breakdown. He’s crying freely on top of a tub of Chocolate Kiss when the door opens and Harry knows it’s Niall.

“What,” He doesn’t bother taking his face out of his hands. “Does someone want an autograph? Or a picture, or have me do a commercial or give me free concert tickets?”

Niall takes a few tentative steps forward before wrapping an arm around Harry.

“I wish I was anonymous again.” Harry says into Niall’s shirt. “I don’t want to deal with this anymore.”

“I know.” Niall actually doesn’t know, but it was still a nice thing to say.

“I’m sorry Cher was nasty to you.”

“It’s ok. She’s a nasty girl and that’s what they do.” Niall looks thoughtful. “I don’t care about her anyway.”

“Then who do you care about?”

“You.” Niall’s breath is sending goose bumps all along Harry’s neck. It grows silent in the freezer.


Harry looks up at Niall and their faces are so close their noses are brushing. “Do you think you’d want to go out sometime? With me?”

“Yes.” Harry doesn’t even have to think about it.

Niall’s gaze is focused on Harry’s lips. “You have a pretty mouth. It’s like, yeah it’s perfect.”

“Do you want to kiss me?”

Niall’s lips press firmly against Harry’s.

He has his answer.