Eventually We Find Our Way.

Pairing: Narry, side Lilo

A/N: This was supposed to be the last chapter, but I felt bad about not updating in a long time, so I’m giving you half. Again, I suck.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Harry is full of crankiness and misplaced anger the next morning. Anne asks if he wants her to make him breakfast, which she never does, and Harry just grunts and grabs the box of Cheerios on the way out the door. She says something about not letting this get to him, but he just slams the door in response.

“‘HARRY, WAIT!’ IS AT #10” written on a huge sign is the first thing Harry sees as he walks in. It spans the length of the main hallway, the obnoxious orange like a punch to the face.

“Hey superstar!” Someone yells, and Harry gives them the finger over his shoulder.

“Wait, Harry I was just kidding!” Liam jogs up next to him. “It was just a joke, I’m sorry!”

Harry immediately feels guilty because Liam always manages to make you feel guilty even if you haven’t done anything. “I’m sorry, I’m just in a shitty mood today.”

“Is it because if your date? I heard what happened.”

“From who?” Harry offers Liam some of the cereal but he declines.

“Louis. Who else?”

Harry shoves some cereal into his mouth. “I haven’t even talked to him yet though.”

“He saw the article or whatever.”

“Oh,” Harry shoves more cereal down his throat. “Is he here?”

“Yeah, I’m not sure where though.” Liam looks around the hallway. “He keeps talking about some reality show though? I don’t know what he’s on about.”

“You’re lucky, then.”

“Are you really going to be on a reality show?”

“Would you watch it?”

“Of course.” Liam nudges Harry’s side. “Where’s your man?”

“Hiding from me, probably.”

“Any guy that tries to hide from you, just tell me and I’ll straighten them out.” Liam punches his fist into the open palm of his other hand. He smiles and Harry has to smile as well.

“Whatever you say Liam. I’m going to find Louis.”


Louis pulls Harry by the back of his shirt into an empty corridor, spilling his Cheerios onto the floor.

“What the hell?!”

“Nice breakfast.” Louis says, shoving his hand into the box.

Harry pulls the cereal away. “Did you see the sign?”

“I think the fangirls are having a phone drive.” Louis rolls his eyes. “Anyway. This is so awesome!”

“Awesome?” Harry says through a mouthful of food.

“You got swamped! Did they give any free things?”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on Harry, you and Niall brought so much publicity to that store.”

Harry can feel the beginning of a migraine coming on. “I didn’t stick around long enough to find out.”

“Well if you do the  reality show-”

“I’m not doing the reality show. You won’t make any money.”

“You won’t directly make money, but advertisers will send you free-”

“Stop it.” Harry interrupts. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Could we talk about something more important like my ruined date with Niall or my parents arguing with the police officers or the fact I don’t have a life anymore!”

Louis looks a bit taken aback. “Alright. Let’s go.”

“Niall hates me.” Harry says, shoving his face into Louis’ neck.

“Did he say that?” Harry shakes his head. “Then of course, accuse him of it. He has done literally nothing to prove he was faithful to you.”

“I know.” Harry says in a small voice.

“Are you going to see him soon?”

“We’re meeting in the library.”

“Ooh, sexy rendezvous choice.” Louis waggles his brows. “All the dusty books, uncracked spines…”

“Or the fact no one is ever in there.” Harry raises his brow.

“That too. You better get to class soon.” Louis says, nudging Harry and suddenly he doesn’t want to leave his annoying, obnoxious best friend. He’s familiar when everything is changing.

“Cut class with me?” Harry pleads.

“No.” Louis grabs onto Harry’s arm and they walk into the hallway. “Let’s get back to your crazy life.”


Harry gets to the library before Niall does. He’s eaten half the box of Cheerios and is making his way through the rest when Niall plops down across from him.

“Take these away from me.” Harry shoves the box across the table.

“So,” Niall starts, happily taking the cereal. “my brother started calling me ‘King Stud.’ I don’t know if it’s a compliment or not.”

Harry leans over the table and kisses Niall then and everything stops sucking for a second. “I missed you.” He whispers into Niall’s mouth.

“The King Stud missed you too.”

“Sorry King Stud, I don’t think that name is working for me.”

Niall mocks offence.

“You should come over after school.” Harry says. “Bring movies. Your pick.”

“That’s not a test is it?”

“No. That’d be the kind of shit Cher would pull.”

“Speaking of,” Niall grabs onto Harry’s hand and rubs his thumb along the back of it, “promise you won’t freak out?”

“I can try.”

“I heard someone saying that it was Cher who called the paps on us.”

What?!” Harry screams, before being shushed by the librarian.

“You promised you wouldn’t freak out!” Niall says quickly.


“Come on.” Niall is smiling brightly and it makes Harry smile too. “Did she really ruin it? It was fun.”

And it was, now that Harry thinks about it. What was Cher doing on Friday? Sitting at home making plans to ruin someone else’s relationship while Harry was out having an amazing first date.


Niall and Harry wind up not watching movies, but laying on his bed, throwing coins up against his wall covered in bands and picking a song from whoever it lands on.

“Who’s that?” Niall asks, pointing up to a picture.

“Why? They’re really, really good.” Harry grabs his iPod and puts on “Simeon’s Dilemma.”

You’re the only proper noun I  need,” Yoni croons through the speakers as Harry rests his head on Niall’s chest.

“I can hear your heartbeat.”



“I really like you.”

“I really like you too.”

“No I know you do. And I know you know that I like you, it’s just-” He wraps his fingers into Harry’s curls as he tries to gather his thoughts. “I just want you to know that I can handle this. I don’t want you to be afraid that I won’t be able to.”

(“This” meaning the insanity of Harry’s life.)

Niall’s heart is beating faster now and Harry tries to get his to match. “I’m not afraid of that.”

They’re silent for a few minutes. “You sure you’re ready for this? Like really and truly?” Harry asks.

“Bring it on.”


The press get ahold of the fact that the blonde boy Harry was with is the same blonde boy that he works with, and now pictures of Niall are all over the gossip magazines along with what actor is going to play Harry in the ‘Harry, Wait!’ music video.


Harry can’t even Christmas shop because the press gets pictures of everything he’s going to buy for his family. They tell him they’ll act surprised anyway.


“Guess who’s doing a concert around here.” Louis asks, pushing a drink he bought for Harry from Starbucks across the table.

“If you’re talking about the Wanted concert, I’m not going.” Harry replies, taking a sip.

“Why not?”

“Zayn’s going to be there!”

“I already bought tickets, so you better suck it up.”

“They haven’t even gone on sale yet!”

“Well, you’re ‘Harry, Wait!’”

“What?” Harry feels dizzy.

“Anything you want, Harry, all you have to do is tell them who you are and you get it.”

“Do you remember what happened last time I went to a concert when everyone knew me? I was in the third most popular video on YouTube. I don’t want to repeat that.”

“Just don’t make out with anyone.”

“Zayn’s going to be there.”

“You won’t see him.”

“I’m not going.”

“Yes you are.”


The day of the show, Louis is outside Harry’s house, honking obnoxiously. Which is surprising for two reasons.

  1. Louis is always late
  2. Louis doesn’t have a car

“What the hell?” Louis is sitting in the front seat of a brand new Range Rover. “What did you do?”

“You know the reality show?” He grins. “I told them you need a bit more convincing.”

“The sent you a Range Rover?!”

“They sent you a Range Rover. Now get out of those nasty sweat pants or we’ll miss the first bands.”

“I’m not going!”

“Do you need to hear the stereo in this car? Will that convince you?” Louis plugs in his phone.

“Yes and no.”

Louis pulls up a song and a very familiar opening blasts through the speakers. “I didn’t take no shortcuts, spent the money that I saved up.

“That’s not fair! You’re using one of my favorite songs against me.” Louis knows that Harry listened to “Barely Legal” by The Strokes on repeat for 3 days last summer.

Oh mama runnin’ out of luck, like my sister, don’t give a fuck.

Harry wants to cry because of how good the stereo is. He sighs, resigned. “Five minutes.”

Louis whoops, turning the song up louder.

“The things we did, the things you hide, but for the record, it’s between you and I.


Harry is so distracted by the car that he forgets he’s currently going to a concert where everyone is going to recognize him. Louis literally drags him out of the car and into the VIP area.

“This is so much better then Ed’s backstage.” Louis says, eyeing the room. Harry looks around and has to disagree. Backstage with Ed, he wanted to be there and Liam had come and they all danced and had a good time. Everyone here looks like they came just to be seen.

“I’m gunna get something to drink.” Louis starts walking away before Harry can get on his hands and knees and beg him to stay. A few minutes after Louis leaves, someone walks over.

“Hey, you’re that guy!” Harry prays they’re talking about someone else. “‘Harry, Wait!’” God apparently hates him. It’s one of the members from The Wanted, Harry’s not sure which one.

“I like your band.” It comes out before Harry can stop it.

“I like your song.” Nameless band member says. “You wrote it?”

“No I-”

“Fucked the singer, yeah that’s how it is. Got any hot friends? We’re about to start our new album and we need some inspiration.”

“Excuse me,” Harry’s literally going to throw up on everything. He makes his way over to Louis. “Look, Lou, I know this was supposed to be fun, but-”

“You’re not having fun.” Harry nods and Louis sighs. “Do you want to go?”

“More than anything right now.”

Louis stares longingly at the backstage pass.

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise but,” Harry takes one more look around the room. “It’s not fun anymore.”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

They don’t say one word to each the entire ride home.


After finishing his surprisingly easy Spanish exam, Harry makes his way down the hallway when he sees it.

It being Cher Lloyd all wrapped up around Harry’s boyfriend.

Niall was leaning back against his locker, looking rather uncomfortable while Cher is as close as possible. N o p e. Harry storms over and when Niall spots him, he loudly yells “HI HARRY,” probably hoping Cher will let go.

“What the hell is this?” He fumes.

“Jealousy isn’t attractive, Harry, didn’t anyone tell you that?”

“So is hitting on other people’s boyfriends, especially when they aren’t even into girls. Didn’t anyone tell you that?”

“Boyfriend stealing?!” Niall interrupts.

“You don’t talk to him ever again, go it? You’re a leech, Cher!”

“Harry,” Niall is pulling at his shoulder but he brushes him off.

“You didn’t get Zayn ok? I did. You’re not going to get Niall either because I did. Now get the hell out of my love life and find your own!”

Niall picks Harry up with surprising strength and drags him away before putting him down once they’re around the corner.

“What was that?” Harry huffs.

“I could ask you the same thing!” Niall snaps back.

“You were talking to Cher!”

“So that automatically means,” Niall’s accent is so thick from rage that it’s almost hard to understand him, “that I’m cheating on you? With Cher? Harry, even if I was into girls I wouldn’t go for her!”

“It’s just…I…ok she’s just bad, she tried to steal Zayn because she knew he was only bisexual.”

“In case you haven’t noticed the fifty thousand differences between me and Zayn, here’s another one: I’m not going to date Cher Lloyd.” Niall’s face is all red and he’s panting. “I have to go. I’ll call you. Or whatever.”


Harry calls Niall later and asks him to come over. They cuddle up underneath the blankets while Harry’s cat lays in between them.

“Worst boyfriend award goes to Harry Styles.” Harry says, while running his fingers lazily along Niall’s arm. “I think I might need to get a halo to redeem myself.”

“I love you with or without your halo, Harry.”


Niall loved him?

“Did you just say you loved me?” Harry twists his hands into the fabric of Niall’s jumper, turning to look. Their lips are inches apart.

“Yeah. I think I always did.” Niall smiles goofily at him.

“I love you too.” Harry closes the short distance and kisses Niall until his room is engulfed in darkness.


‘Harry, Wait!’ hits #1 on the Billboard Charts and Harry has to quit his job at the Scooper Dooper.


Harry can’t even say the fight between him and Louis wasn’t his fault.

Only half of it was his fault.

Louis comes over to watch the premiere of the ‘Harry, Wait!’ video with him. Harry doesn’t want to admit it, but he wants to see the video. Harry drinks 3 Diet Cokes in a row while waiting for the premiere and the caffeine hits him like a ton of bricks.

Louis falls dramatically onto the side of the couch as MTV goes into another commercial break. Harry wants to throw his soda at Louis but he’s going to need it to get through the video. By the time it actually comes on, Louis is literally shaking.

It opens with the back of a curly haired actor making his way up the stairs, wearing the same exact Ramones shirt Harry was wearing the day he broke up with Zayn. He remembers because he hasn’t worn it since. It cuts to Zayn and the band playing in a garage, his face scrunched up in fake agony. It cuts back to the actor walking into a mirror image of Zayn’s room, with him sitting on the bed, guitar in hand.

“Louis!” Harry grabs onto Louis’ shoulders and shakes him to emphasize. “This is our break up! Literally this is exactly it!”

On screen, Zayn looks sweet and loving, the “Good Boyfriend” to Harry’s “Evil Boyfriend.”

“This is exactly what happened, I swear to God.”

Zayn not only wrote a song about their break up, but made a video out of it too.

The video is winding down as “Harry” walks downstairs and out the front door…into the arms of an awaiting blonde boy with an “Ireland” shirt. They look deeply at each other before kissing and Harry is literally stunned into silence and doesn’t breathe for 30 seconds.

“Seriously Zayn?!” He screams at the TV.


“That’s it, ok my dad has a lawyer and I’m going to sue Zayn and the record label and whatever the fuck else I can!”

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting?”

“It’s not overreacting until I kill somebody.” Harry yells.

“Ok seriously Harry you need to calm the fuck down.”

“Calm the fuck down? That’s the absolute worst way to get me to calm down. And how I supposed to calm down? After going to hell and back these last three months? Calm down when my boyfriend sees this video? Calm down with the paps following me everywhere?”

There’s a spark of anger in Louis’ eyes. “When are you going to realize you’re not average anymore?”

“I am average!”

“No,” Louis points to the TV screen. “you’re not. That’s not normal! It’s not average. So many people love you and you’re blowing it!”

“Whose side are you on, Lou, mine or theirs?” Harry screams.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Louis stands up so he can look Harry in the eyes. Even though Louis is shorter, he feels bigger in this situation.

“You know what I’m talking about! ‘Harry call the record store so we can get free CDs!’ ‘Harry do a reality show so we get cars!’ ‘Harry we can get backstage passes as long as you tell them who you are!’ It’s all you fucking talk about!”

“You’re mad because I want to have fun?” Louis laughs. “I’m trying to be a good friend and get you through this!”

“Then what about the car! How was that ‘helping’ me?!”

“They sent the car because they wanted to ok Harry, what even happened to you? When did you stop having fun? 6 months ago we would’ve been having the time of our lives but all you want to do is sit at home and feel sorry for yourself!”

“Every time I leave the house someone takes a picture! Paps hide in the bushes!”

“Who cares?”

I care Louis! Or does that not matter anymore!”

“Oh, it’s all that matters.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means you’re all you talk about anymore! All you do is complain. You’re a fucking whiner Harry.”

“I just-”

“God forbid I try to show everyone how cool you actually are to stop the nasty rumors. Maybe what everyone is saying is true. Maybe you are turning into a stuck up twat!”

“They’re not saying that.” Tears burn in the back of Harry’s eyes.

“They are. And you know what’s funny? You’re turning into Zayn. It’s all about you all the time and you don’t give two shits about anyone else.”

Harry feels like Louis just punched him.

“You don’t ask me how I am, or how Liam is, all you do is complain and spend time with Niall and even then you probably complain too!”

“Just get out!” Hot tears are making their way down Harry’s cheeks and he brushes them away quickly. “Go home! Call Liam and get the hell out!”

“I’m walking.” Louis snarls before ripping the front door opening and slamming it closed.

Harry stomps upstairs and slams his door twice in a row for good measure. He lays facedown in bed with Bon Iver in the background until the phone rings. It was Louis, they were going to apologize to each other and laugh it off and everything would be cool again.

“Lou?” He says into the phone.

“Harry?” Not Louis.

“Um yeah?”

“Haz it’s me.”

It took him three seconds to place the voice. “Hi Zayn.”